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Liquid Nitrogen | BOC

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Nitrogen is colourless in liquid form and is odourless and tasteless. BOC Liquid Nitrogen is physiologically inert and non-toxic.

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Equipment to handle Liquid Nitrogen must be constructed of suitable materials for the low temperature encountered. Preserves biological samples at temperatures from -125°C to -196°C.

Uses of Medical Gases - Liquid Nitrogen:

Liquid Nitrogen is widely used as a cold source and is employed in various fields. It may be applied to diseased or cancerous tissue to kill the cells. Tissue that has been frozen falls off from the surrounding tissue.

Cryosurgical removal of warts and skin lesions. Storage of biological products including freezing, subfreezing and lyophilisation, low temperature storage of blood, living tissues and semen employed for artificial insemination.

Cryosurgery of the brain and eyes. Marking of animals. Super-freezing of tissue in order to destroy it. Used to treat malignant tumours, control pain, control bleeding, and reduce brain lesions.

Dermatology treatment of warts, age or liver spots and keratoses. Cryosurgery involves the use of a machine that sprays Liquid Nitrogen directly onto the skin, or contacts the skin with an instrument, which freezes the cancerous tissue.

Freezing can destroy cancer cells, and wound healing will occur with minimal scarring. Routine equipment maintenance, cooling of magnets in MRI’s or NMR’s.

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