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Lung Device | Breathe and GO


Breathe and GO is a drug-free handheld medical device that is easy to use by people of any age.

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Breathe and GO Lung Device Benefits:

  • Breathe and GO uses a natural Positive Expiratory Pressure (PEP) process that helps to clear mucous in your lungs by causing your lungs to vibrate.
  • As you breathe out (exhale) through the device, your breath causes a small steel ball to vibrate in the device's chamber, vibrating the airways. This vibration helps to loosen mucous caught in the lining of your airways.
  • Endo-bronchial pressure is increased which helps maintain clearing of the lungs.
  • Accelerating expiratory airflow through the lungs helps you move trapped mucous buildup from the lungs and expel it.
  • With Breathe and GO, it is the combination of lung vibration and upward pressure that helps clear mucous from the lungs and improve respiratory performance.

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