Making Australian nursing great.

Supplier: Modsel
20 September, 2020

We are from a special place. Agree?

Australia is diverse with its unique ties to so many nations. This brings a wealth of learnings from around the globe, which are clearly refined and innovated by our very own nursing professionals.

That’s why we say ‘we’re lucky to be Australians ourselves’, because it helps us to design and build medical equipment that is relevant, that we know will live up to the expectations of those leading and continuously developing our great healthcare system. Everything we develop is genuinely inspired by our nurses and delivered to improve our country and its partners. A ‘sale’ is not the closure of a deal to us, it is the beginning of another trusted Australian relationship for life.

So we rely on one and another. It’s as simple as that. The nurses feedback and support is revolved back into Australian design thinking and ultimately our own economy, through local manufacturing involving local fabricators, suppliers, assemblers, delivery drivers and maintenance specialists. We bet every one of them has as much respect for Australian nurses as we do!