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Materials Handling

Materials Handling is a national distributor of an extensive range of products for handling, lifting, conveying storage, logistics and warehouse systems, designed to help organisations improve workplace safety, productivity, efficiency and profitability and to have them "working with ease".

Our products and systems have been specifically designed and selected to reduce the risk of workplace injuries, particularly back related injuries. The product range has a breadth and comprehensiveness that simply defies summary. Our products include--trolleys, walkie stackers, pallet trucks, ergonomic lifters, chemical and flammable storage cabinets, smoking management products, waste bins, tippers, crowd control, intelligent lifting devices, forklift attachments, safety barriers, security mirrors, safety signs, ergonomic matting, access platforms, step stools, shelving, racking and a huge range of storage equipment.

Visit our website www.materialshandling.com.au to update your ideas of the awesome range of products and the quality and capabilities of the Australian and global manufacturers that we represent.

With over 27 years in the business, Materials Handling P/L has the experience, maturity, products and solutions to improve workplace efficiency, safety, productivity and profitability. The combination of proprietary lines, custom engineered systems, quality imported products with safety at the forefront, has kept us at the leading edge of customer satisfaction in our industry.

"Working with Ease"… Yes that’s our motto and it should be your goal.

The Australian Oxford Dictionary defines the terms
Working--Application of effort
Ease--Freedom from pain and trouble

Application of effort to a purpose with freedom from pain and trouble "Working With Ease"…

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We have launched an extraordinary 336 page "Working with Ease" catalogue that is free to organisations wishing to achieve these ideals and assist them with their deliberations on proper Materials Handling product selection. It is the largest catalogue of its kind within the materials handling industry and is a "tool" that all companies cannot afford to be without.

Custom Engineered Solutions are a speciality of our organisation and are used where we provide turnkey projects for clients that require a custom designed solution to their unique needs, where proprietary products do not provide the required result.

Offices are situated in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Agents operate and support the product range and services in other Australian states and New Zealand.

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