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Medical Oxygen

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Oxygen is colourless, odourless and tasteless. When in liquid form it's a pale blue and will vigorously support and accelerate combustion.

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It is supplied as a compressed gas in high pressure cylinders. Generally considered non-toxic at atmospheric pressure. Materials not normally considered combustible may be ignited by sparks in Oxygen-rich atmospheres. Advice should be sought from BOC before using any materials for Oxygen service which have not been supplied for use with Oxygen and marked accordingly.


  • Essential for human respiration, Oxygen sustains life
  • In anaesthesia, Oxygen functions as a carrier gas for the delivery of anaesthetic agents to the tissues of the body
  • In respiratory therapy, Oxygen is administered to increase the amount of Oxygen and thus decrease the amount of other gases circulating in the blood
  • Oxygen is also widely used in high altitude and underwater breathing, and hyperbaric chambers
  • Oxygen is used as the basis for virtually all modern anaesthetic techniques as well as pre and post operative management
  • To provide life support by restoring Oxygen levels in tissue for a range of conditions such as; cyanosis as a result of cardiopulmonary disease; surgical trauma, chest wounds and rib fractures; shock, severe haemorrhage and coronary occlusion; Carbon Monoxide poisoning; hyperpyrexia; major trauma e.g.: road traffic accidents and gunshot wounds
  • In the management of sudden cardiac and respiratory arrest, whether drug induced or traumatic
  • In the resuscitation of the critically ill when the circulation is impaired and in neo-natal resuscitation