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Medicap IT | IT Systems for Surgical Reporting

Medicap IT

Medicap captures digital video recordings of surgical procedures and combines these with detailed information specific to the surgeon, procedure and hospital to create information-rich reports in minutes.

Medicap will revolutionise the surgical reporting process, providing more detail in less time than before.

Robust security is one of Medicap's most important features. Medicap uses encryption and multi-level password technologies to ensure sensitive hospital and patient data remains secure and protected.

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Medicap provides surgeons and operating theatre staff with touch screen technology at their fingertips to capture video and still images throughout surgical procedures. This visual record can then be automatically integrated with tailored and specific information to create accurate and detailed reports in minutes.

Medicap's greatest value is realised post-surgery; and the benefits extend to medical, nursing and administrative personnel.

Surgeons use Medicap for generating detailed reports for patient records, demonstrating procedures, teaching and, should it ever be necessary, for legal defence of the procedure.

Operating theatre managers use Medicap for keeping comprehensive and permanent records of procedures and for tracking the use of consumables during their shifts.

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