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MEX - Maintenance Software

MEX - Maintenance Software | Maintenance, Asset & Fleet Management Software

MEX - Maintenance Software

MEX is dedicated to providing software solutions in a maintenance environment. The continued focus of a team grounded in maintenance has positioned Maintenance Experts as a leader in the provision of maintenance management software solutions.

MEX Software is designed and developed in Australia, and because our applications and business are maintenance dedicated, our products have been refined to optimise your maintenance efficiency.

MEX will give you a powerful control centre for your whole maintenance operation, incorporating extensive features with system simplicity. With the MEX system you will be confident in the knowledge that things are 100% under control.

With MEX you have the flexibility to implement functionality as you require it. A simple module add-on plan enables users to expand their system to meet their needs. Whether your maintenance operation services 5 or 5000 pieces of equipment, the MEX system gives you the power to take control, utilising either the MS Access or MS SQL Server databases.

The MEX Main Menu lets you go quickly to any part of your operation, record and analyse key activities, and print practical, relevant reports and graphs. With MEX you control your maintenance knowledge. Whether you require detailed information on every aspect of your operation or simply an overview of department efficiency or work scheduled and completed, MEX delivers.

- Facilities management software
- Maintenance Program
- Preventative maintenance
- Asset management software
- Fleet management software
- Work order software

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Basic modules of MEX include the Equipment Register; Work Orders; Maintenance Policies; History; Reports; Invoicing and Readings.

Equipment Register – record all of your plant and equipment in this register. Include details such as suppliers, costs, purchase dates, warranty dates, dimensions and much more.

Work Orders – create Work Orders for work to be done. Include start dates, departments, tradespeople, costs, parts, tasks, safety information etc.

Maintenance Policies – create preventative maintenance work to be carried out on equipment. Schedule the work based on conditions, hours used, km, month’s etc.

History – access a complete history on all works ever carried out on a piece of equipment.

Reports – accurately measure and analyse your equipment and operation performance.

Invoicing – invoice for all work completed including a complete breakdown of costs, labor and parts.

Readings – monitor plant readings and track usage.

These modules ensure that you reduce equipment breakdowns, cut paperwork and save time. You will be able to track the value of your plant and equipment and the Reporting module will help you analyse and improve performance, all combining for a more efficient and effective maintenance operation.

The modular configuration of MEX enables companies to implement additional functionality as required. These modules provide and extra level of system integration including requests, mobile palm applications and stores.

Stores adds to MEX the capability of Inventory management. The module enables you to maintain an appropriate balance between having what you need on hand, while keeping the capital tied up in stores to a minimum. There is nothing more frustrating than discovering that crucial parts are not available when required. With MEX Stores, you’ll know exactly what parts have been used, and what is needed by when.

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