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Micro Cannulae - Softfil

Supplier: Precise Medical Supplies

Expert range of micro-cannulae for all fillers and clinical application.

Price Guide: AUD $150

The SoftFil® Precision range of micro-cannulae is based on high technology manufacturing, and matches the needs of demanding users. It has been conceived with a combination of details which greatly facilitate precise procedures.

The main innovations are a centimetric graduation along the stainless tube, an extra-large internal caliber and a mark on the hub to indicate the location of the side orifice.

These new features of the Precision range come in addition to all the advantages of the SoftFi|@ Classic line of micro-cannulae.

A new soft approach to filling

Only one insertion point for each area of the faceThe SoftFil® blunt tip cannula allows for soft penetration into the skin. The cannulae can slide in the under layer of the dermis without damaging the blood vessels.

The Soft Filling technique can treat the whole face, using only a few insertion points, typically two
to four, on each side of the face. It is suitable for use with all fillers, offering homogenous treatment
results and less discomfort for the patient.

This technique does not traumatise the tissues and therefore the patient does not require any
anaesthesia. There are also fewer inflammatory reactions compared with sharp tip needles.

What does this mean for your patient?

  • More comfort during and after the procedure
  •  Lower risk of oedema, bleeding and haematomas
  •  Natural-looking and homogenous results


  • Broad series of cannulae
  • Eight different sizes carefully selected to mcatch all needs
  • Adapted to every clinical application
  • One or more sizes for each Qrecz, direction of injection and depfh
  • O Designed for all fillers on the markef
  • Lengths, ouTside diameters and internal colibers suitable to any filler range
  • Praised for its quality and reliability
  • Perfect flexibility and robustness of The sioiniess Tube and plosfic hub
  • 0 Full clinical safety
  • Minimal Traumcafism on Tissues

The expert range of filler injection tools:

Broad series of high technology ccmnulae

  • Six different sizes carefully designed To match dll needs

Graduations allow control of injection level

  • Easy To odjusf injection depth symmeiriccaily

Less injection pressure needed

  • The XL infernal caliber requires less pressure to inject Thick fillers

Improved rheology for smoother product flow

  • Filler molecules less subject to physical constraint

Mark on hub shows site of side orifice

  • Orifice easily spotted even when cannulae is inserted into the skin.

Price:  $150.00 Ex GST per box of 20.

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