Microdial flow meter, A smoother transition to room air

Supplier: BOC Ltd By: BOC
07 March, 2019

Innovation in the treatment of oxygen dependency in infants

Working in partnership with neonatologists, BPR Medical has designed a special range of Microdial flow meters that provide Neonatal ICU units with unsurpassed precision and control.

Premature babies with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS), may receive mechanical ventilation as a lifesaving intervention. This ventilation can cause damage to the lungs, leading to chronic lung disease, often referred to as bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD). An infant with BPD will often need to be weaned off oxygen over several weeks or months – with the level of effectiveness depending on the controlled gradual reduction in levels of “fraction of inspired oxygen” (FiO2).

To enable controlled adjustments of FiO2 levels, BPR Microdial flowmeters feature a Microflow™ dial control that enables precise and reversible mini step changes in the oxygen flow. This dial technology delivers oxygen flow rates in gradual steps of as little as 10 cc per minute.

Microdial flowmeters are available in two models; a paediatric version with flow rates of 0-3 lpm and a neonatal version with flow rates of 0-1 lpm. These two models allow minute changes of FiO2 levels, facilitating a smoother transition to room air. 

With advanced technologies, Microdial flowmeters ensure reliability and superior performance. A built in pressure regulator ensures the oxygen flow remains consistent, irrespective of varying supply pressure. Furthermore, gas quality is assured by a dual filtration system which includes a 40 micron pre-filter and a 5 micron internal filter.

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