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Midline Full Recliner

Supplier: DRP International Healthcare

Broda is proud to introduce our new Midline Chair. An excellent choice for a full positioning chair that is a less expensive alternative to the Broda 785 and Elite Chair line.

Price Guide: POA

With up to 38° of seat tilt and up to 90° of back recline, the Midline offers an infinite range of positioning options for resident comfort.

Ideal For: 

  • Mid to heavy level skilled care who require full positioning 
  • General resident seating with cylinder lock (for semi recline) 
  • Offers more features than the Broda Basic Chair, and is a less expensive alternative with fewer options than the model 785 
  • Hospice Care
  • Acute Care 

With up to 90 degrees of infinitely adjustable back recline, you can accommodate hyperextension, change incontinence products without transferring from the chair, and improve comfort.

In the very same chair you can solve your resident's problems with slumping and sliding without the use of restraints.

With up to 38 degrees of infinitely adjustable seat tilt, containment issues and upper body positioning problems become a thing of the past. The tilt in space design allows for infinite positioning in a constant amount of space.

Ideal for various users, especially hospice care:

The Midline accommodates various patients which is ideal for hospice or hospital settings. The use for multiple patients is accommodated by:

  • Adjustable Seat Height
  • Adjustable Arm Height
  • Full Recline or option of semi recline for full positioning options
  • Optional vinyl covered seat and back pad for easy cleaning 

The Broda Comfort Tension Seating "Suspension System" is the key to providing your patients with a comfortable functional chair.

Each strap conforms individually to the patient's body, thus suspending the weight of the patient across multiple points. This strapping system eliminates any risk of your patient's experiencing discomfort from bottoming out (padded seat) or extra pressure from a sling type seat.

Broda Comfort Tension Seating also reduces heat and moisture build up that often leads to skin break down.

Broda chairs will allow you to save money in the following areas: reduced maintenance, longer replacement cycles, less caregiver time required, less caregiver injuries, reduction of patient injuries, less cleaning time.

The Midline chair will aid in making your no lift and no fall programs a success. Broda chairs help you to find solutions for patients with unique needs, thus providing you and your patients with alternatives to expensive custom chairs.

Standard Features

  • Seat Tilt
    • Infinitely adjustable up to 38 degrees 
  • Back Recline
    • Infinitely adjustable up to 90 degrees
    • (Cylinder Lock optional to achieve a semi recline) 
  • Elevating Legrest
    • Adjustable length 16" , 18" , 20" , 22" (with footrest) Elevates independently and with back recline
  • Flip Down Footrest
    • Adjustable footplate angle, removable for those who may not require a footrest, such as taller patients
  • Single Plate Flip Down Footrest
    • Adjustable footplate angle 
  • Seat Dimensions
    • Height: Adjustable 17" - 22" (Std at 20")
    • Width: 18" or 20" 
    • Depth: 17" 
    • Back Length: 32" 
  • Armrests
    • Independent height adjustment range of approx. 5.5" (push pin height adjustment)
  • Wings
    • Removeable, upper body lateral support system
  • Wheels
    • 2 front Total Lock casters (5"), 2 rear fixed casters (5"), or optional rear: 1 Total Lock caster (5"), 1 Directional caster (5") 
  • Padding
    • Neckrest Cushion, Shoulder Bolsters, Footpad and Calfpad, Upper and Lower Side Pads, Seat Pad, Back Pad with Terri Cover, extra Terri covers 


  • Cylinder Lock to achieve a semi recline
  • 20", 22" or 24" mag wheels, front or rear mount (with handrims, wheel locks, anti-tippers)
  • HSP Padding Package and Upgraded HSP Padding Package
  • Vinyl Seat and Back Pad Cover
  • F Series Split Flip Down Footrest
  • Solid or Clear Tray, Padded Tray Cover, Solid Half Tray
  • IV Pole
  • O2 Holder, Ventilator Cart
  • Thigh Belt
  • Lateral Torso Supports
  • Customizing available

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