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Migraines Laser Therapy - Low Level

Supplier: yourhealthygp

At Your Healthy GP we diagnose the true cause of your severe nerve pain when it comes to migraines.

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Most people who suffer from migraines just suffer, but they don’t know why. Unfortunately for the majority of sufferers, the only pain relief for these debilitating, reoccurring, severe headaches is temporary – from strong medications.

At Your Healthy GP, our studies into migraines reveal that they are caused by referred nerve pain that is often the result of a long-standing, chronic injury at the base of your skull.

This injury may have been caused by childhood falls, long-forgotten sporting accidents or motor vehicle accidents. Indeed whiplash strains are the most common cause of the first onset of severe one sided skull pain. Typically, classic migraine headaches develop two years after such whiplash accidents.

We treat the injury and referring nerve pain with new biotechnology called Low Level Laserlight Therapy. This NASA and Soviet developed biotechnology provides a non-invasive, pain-free treatment and in 40 years there have been no adverse side effects. In most cases, once the injury has been treated the pain no longer refers and the headaches cease.

Thousands of migraine sufferers have been treated using Low level Laser Therapy all over the world with many experiencing a complete resolution of their chronic neck injury and pain. This treatment is now available in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and very soon Perth, exclusively at Your Healthy GP.

Your Healthy GP’s founding practitioner has travelled to Europe twice to be trained in their specific techniques so that we can now offer the same non-invasive, pain-free treatments to eliminate the inflammation of the migraine sufferer.

To make an appointment to talk about how we can help with your migraines, please call us on (08) 8299 9111 or e-mail us at info@yourhealthygp.com