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Miniflam Australia Pty Ltd

Miniflam Australia Pty Ltd | Dental Laboratory Equipment

Miniflam Australia Pty Ltd

Miniflam Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 68 003 020 442) is an Australian owned company which was incorporated in 1985. The company was started by two innovative ex-University of Sydney Dental Technical Officers, Michael Abeshouse and Rodney Kidd (deceased). The company is now fully owned and run by Michael and Helen Abeshouse.

Miniflam has grown over the years due to Rodney and Michael's expertise which comes from their personal knowledge in the Engineering, Scientific, Dental Technology and Business fields.

Recognised as the leader in gas products in dentistry in Australia and being one of only three or four manufacturers of dental products in Australia, Miniflam represents over 25 different manufacturers from around the world.

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Miniflam USA has been distributing the Miniflam line of products since 1987 in North America. Currently Miniflam USA is expanding its line to incorporate other related products manufactured by Prodont-Holliger, SA. including hand tools and abrasive discs.

Miniflam USA is currently focusing on its continuous Website development as it offers an excellent vehicle to document its product features in detail. The platform offers an opportunity to demonstrate specific industry applications and uses. In addition, it is our goal to exchange information with users and to pass along their experiences.

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