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Mouth Appliance | MYO - Medium Silicone U-Trim

Supplier: Myo Australia

Suitable for adult females and 10 to 12 yr olds.

Price Guide: POA

  • When used nocturnally it will align malaligned teeth over time and promotes nose breathing.
  • Can be trimmed to suit most children 10-12 years
  • It positions the jaw slightly downward and forward and dental research shows this nocturnal position decreases "The Respitory Disturbance Index"


Teeth Clenching and Grinding

Teeth clenching damages teeth and causes other dental problems but can be reduced or even eliminated with the use of a MYO appliance.

Common Oral Problems

MYO appliances come in a range of sizes to alleviate various oral problems including unsightly crooked teeth, cross-bites (malocclusions), bruxism (tongue disorder), gum disease (bleeding gums) and speech development.

TMJ Symptoms and Pain

TMJ (temporo-mandibula joint) symptoms of pain and discomfort in the jaw can be drastically reduced or cured by the proper use of the correct MYO appliance.

Snoring Cure

The MYO appliance addresses the cause of snoring. It offers a real snoring cure giving about 50% of users significant relief from snoring and, subsequently, a good night's sleep.

Cleaning the MYO

Rinse under tap after use, dry and put back into case. Once a month clean with Bi-Carbonate of Soda and water.

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