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Multi-Dimensional, Conforming Foam Dressing - Cavi-Care

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Cavi-Care conforming foam dressing has been designed to provide a regime to treat moist, low-exuding granulating cavity wounds.

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The two liquid components (A and B) are mixed together and poured into the moist cavity wound where they form a white foam which conforms to the contours of the wound.


  • Fits all wound shapes
  • Maintains a moist wound environment
  • Prevents premature wound closure
  • Provides patient comfort
  • Economical and convenient


Fits All Wound Shapes

Cavi-Care dressing expands and cures within the cavity wound making it the only dressing that conforms exactly to the wound, including irregularly shaped wounds. It's a three-dimensional structure that forms a stent in the wound cavity.

Maintains a Moist Wound Environment

The distinctive method of producing Cavi-Care conforming foam wound dressing in-situ generates a controlled cellular structure which helps to create a moist wound environment.

Prevents Premature Wound Closure

  • The unique ability of Cavi-Care to conform to the exact wound contours allows the wound to remain open and thereby prevents premature wound closure.

Provides Patient Comfort

  • The soft and resilient nature of Cavi-Care combined with the exact conformity of the dressing provide added comfort and convenience for the patient. Cavi-Care is less traumatic to the wound on removal than conventional gauze packing.

Economical and Convenient

  • Cavi-Care can be removed, cleansed, and replaced in the wound. Alternatively, a new dressing can be made on a regular basis.


  • Cavi-Care is indicated as a dressing for moist, low exuding granulating cavity wounds.
  • Cavi-Care can also be used as a post operative support foam.

Contraindications / Precautions

  • Cavi-Care should not be used in wounds which have tunnels, sinuses or deep fistulae
  • Cavi-Care should not be used in wounds which are 'dry'
  • Cavi-Care should not be used in mucous membranes, including eyes and nose
  • For external use only
  • Use gloves when preparing the dressing
  • Avoid contact with the eyes or with clothing

As a dressing for moist low exuding granulating wounds

  • Cavi-Care should only be used in wounds that are open and well-shaped with all tracts and pockets widely exposed
  • Normal wound care – such as removal of slough and necrotic tissue and treatment of clinically infected wounds is still required with the use of Cavi-Care

As a post operative support foam

  • Coat the edges of the surgical site with petroleum jelly, white soft paraffin or apply a Tulle Gras dressing (i.e. Jelonet*) to prevent adherence.