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Multiple Line IV Injection System - V-Set

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Multiple line IV injection site whereby several lines can be used at the same time for administering drugs to the patient.

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V-Sets are designed around a large bore, fast flow gravity fed infusions line to which any standard giving set may be attached.

This line has an anti-reflux valve and includes a unique non-kink design, allowing fixing of the V-Set to the patient's limb with a 180 degrees loop without fear of obstruction.

V-Sets are intravenous connectors folr hospitals. They are available as 2 or 3 lumen sets.

Another feature of the V-Set is that there is no common space in the device as such there is no risk of underdosing (any common space acts as reservoir under slow drip rates of infusion fluid).

Likewise there is no risk of inadvertent bolus (increasing drip rate flushes an overdose from teh common space to the patient).

At 1mL per hour even half a millilitre of common space will predispose to 30 times the dose to be delivered in 1 minute if flushed (a 3000% error in mg/min).

V-Set Features:

  • No common space.
  • Anti-kinking spring on main line.
  • No drug sorption.
  • Maintains pump accuracy.
  • Double or triple access available.
  • Compatible with most common IV fittings.
  • Also available with long lines (2.1m)
  • Variety of configrations/valves available

Each line is fitted with a valve which can be either an anti-reflux valve or a one way valve.

Both valves prevent fluid flowing in the reverse direction but the anti-reflux valve opens under lower pressure thus allowing fluid to flow when connected to the gravity line.

Catalogue Number:

  • V3 GISS: 3 short lines, high flow gravity line with anti-refluc valve and anti-kink spring, short line with no needle valve, short pump line.
  • V2 GSS: 2 short lines, high flow gravity line with anti-refluc valve and anti-kink spring, short pump line.
  • V2 GL: 1 short line with anti-kink spring and anti-reflux valve, one long pump line.

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