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Mykra | Construction & Maintenance Services


Mykra provides construction and maintenance services to many government departments and commercial organisations - large and small.
We develop relationships with all of our clients to ensure we understand their specific needs and requirements for any project that may arise.

We have the experience, resources and capability to undertake any construction or maintenance project of any size, at anytime, anywhere.

Over the years Mykra have developed strong, long-term partnerships with a wide range of local subcontractors with specialist skills. Our contractors are required to meet qualifying benchmarks that are put in place to improve their business and our service whilst maintaining Mykra’s ethics and standards.

Mykra also has a fulltime team of maintenance vans, fully equipped with multi-skilled operatives to act swiftly and respond to any project which may require attention offering us a unique flexibility to tackle any challenge.

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Mykra was established in 2003 and has been a steady contributor to the South Australian Construction Industry ever since. It is a professional business which is client driven and strives to exceed industry benchmarks with an attention to detail approach.

Mykra enlists the services of our projects team to give Mykra’s clients the personal consulting service they require. The team are all very proud of their work and we strive to exceed expectations. You can contact either Rob or Callan and they will arrange to meet with you to discuss your specific requirements.

Mykra are committed to providing the highest level of service and maximum efficiency to ensure that our clients projects and maintenance are made as easy as possible with seamless integration of communication, construction and support – now and into the future.

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