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NABS – what is it and why should you investigate further?

Supplier: New Age Healthcare
25 March, 2014

The New Age Bedding System (NABS) is innovative in design and has proved itself with benefits on resident comfort and wellbeing, carer timelines and work environment and overall facility cost and efficiencies.

The New Age Bedding System is made up of four component parts:

1. Waterproof doona
2. Water repellent doona cover
3. Knitted fitted poly cotton sheet
4. Water proof pillow

The NABS waterproof doona is made from a polyester base fabric coated with polyurethane, providing a total barrier to dust mites and their allergens. It has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal finish and is breathable. The inside of the doona is a polyester fill treated with silver (Ag) to facilitate infection control.

The doona cover comes in many designs for easy design co-ordination. Like the doona, the covers are also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. The fabric has been treated to ensure that the benefits derived from the doona are not lost on the doona cover. It is flame retardant, water repellent and complies with the Australian Standards. The underside of the doona cover is made from a commercial grade sheeting fabric thus eliminating the use of a top sheet.

Our doona and doona covers have a matching ingenious velcro attaching system - allowing for more efficient and easier bed making. The fitted sheet is made from a polyester/cotton knitted fabric, making it easier to use and comfortable to sleep on. The cotton component of the fabric is on the top side of the sheet, next to the resident's skin.

The waterproof pillow works in the same way as the waterproof doona and can be wiped down. It is extremely comfortable to sleep on as the waterproof fabric used is breathable and is not noisy. All of these items together are called the New Age Bedding System (NABS). 

Anecdotal feedback from facilities who have purchased the NABS system have reported a range of benefits from long term carer's improved efficiencies to surprising feedback from residents that have reported better sleeping patterns due to the lightness of the doona weight whilst still retaining warmth to improved overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Further the facilities that have invested in this system have expressed surprise and delight that the actual lifespan has been between five to seven years depending on the facilities normal wear and tear treatment of the products. This far exceeds the guaranteed life of the systems – being two years. All aspects make this a system worth exploring and considering when next you think about the comfort of your elderly residents or much loved family member.