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Neuroscan Systems | Stim2

Supplier: Compumedics Limited

Running within the the Windows XP (only)enviroment, Stim2 retains the functionality and timing of the original DOS-based STIM, but with a contemporary user interface and numerous expanded features.

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Stim2 is a complete software environment for custom stimulus and task design as well as presentation.

The Stim2 system can be integrated in fMRI, MEG, and other functional neuro-imaging applications, and is therefore a powerful part of your functional imaging system.

The software provides a familiar menu-driven interface in which to design and present visual and auditory stimulation paradigms.

Stim2's powerful and intuitive design translates into a short learning curve and quick implementation.

The modules make it easy to design and execute your stimuli with the greatest precision, and the wide array of pre-packaged stimuli ensures fast integration into your research.

Motor Tasks

Tap: A motor performance task modeled after the finger tapping test commonly employed in neuropsychological assessment.

Track: A visual tracking task useful in measuring visual-motor tracking ability. Precise triggering is provided for neurophysiological recording systems such as SCAN.

Perceptual Tasks

Contrast: A unique interface for performing contrast reversal stimulation with evoked potential recording systems such as SCAN. CONTRAST features a simultaneous fixation task to ensure foveation, repositioning of pattern relative to fixation, vertical/horizontal bars, radial patterns and gradients, selective masking, and task suspension during inattentive periods.

Naming: A flexible interface for presenting visual stimuli and recording verbal responses. NAME allows you to configure tasks with almost any visual stimuli (including text and pictures), digitally record verbal responses, and score responses for both accuracy and latency.

Precise triggering is also provided for neurophysiological recording systems such as SCAN.

Stroop: A version of the Stroop neuropsychological test modified for evoked potential recordings.

Attentional Tasks

Cued: A visual cued attention switching task. CUED provides central "arrow" and peripheral "highlighted box" cues and is commonly used as an index of ability to release and reorient visual attention. Triggering is provided for external devices such as SCAN ER/ERP system.

CONCPT: A "go/no-go" visual continuous performance task in which the subject's response to the target should be contingent upon the appearance of a cue stimulus.

CONCPT also provides triggering for evoked potential recording systems.

VISCPT: A visual continuous performance task widely used in the assessment of sustained attention. VISCPT provides precise triggering for evoked potential recording systems such as SCAN and is an appropriate interface for visual P300 and related experiments.

AUDCPT: an auditory continuous performance task. AUDCPT provides an interface similar to VISCPT, wherein you assign probabilities to up to 10 different auditory events.

Provides precise triggering for evoked potential recordings and is perfect for P300 and MMN experiments.

Memory Tasks

Spatial Memory: A battery designed to assess static and sequential visual spatial memory.

VLT (Verbal Learning Task): A flexible interface for presenting a variety of verbal learning, verbal memory, and other language paradigms.

VLT provides precise triggering for ERP systems and is well suited to N400 and other language-related ERPs.

SPR (Serial Probe Recognition): A visual memory task that can be used in a variety of experiments in which serial position effects are of interest. SPR can be used with provided "normed" pictures or your own.

SPR provides precise triggering for ERP systems and is well suited to Sternberg memory scanning experiments.

Cognitive Tasks

Card Sorting: Similar to the card sorting test used in neuropsychological batteries, CARDSORT is widely used in behavioral and imaging research studies on concept formation.

Categories: CATEGORY is similar to the widely used neuropsychological test, and is useful as an activation task in imaging studies or as a behavioral measure of problem solving ability

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