NewTom GiANO: 3-in-1 Cone Beam imaging system

Supplier: INLINE Medical & Dental
14 October, 2013

The perfect balance between quality and flexibility in dental and maxillofacial imaging

The NewTom GiANO imaging system is providing dentists who are looking to install a new OPG system or upgrade their current OPG system with the latest generation of digital hybrid imaging systems.
A hybrid 3-in-1 cone beam system will enable you to take 2D panoramic images, perform Lateral cephalometric exams as well as create 3D CBCT volumetric scans.
The NewTom systems are renowned for their image quality and the GiANO follows in the footsteps of its predecessors with the additional benefit of providing dentists with the flexibility to take a variety of scans based on patient needs and diagnostic requirements.
The system is easy to use for dental staff and can be configured as a standalone system or integrated into the dental surgery’s practice management system.
The GiANO links with practice management software and comes with NewTom’s NNT software. The NNT software enables the dentist to realise the full potential of the GiANO images. Offering high speed processing, these images can be sent in DICOM format to all major third-party software programs. NNT allows the dentist to perform initial diagnoses and to subsequently superimpose images for assessing growth, treatment changes, and the stability of treatment. The software supports the identification of root inclination, positioning of impacted and supernumerary teeth, resorption, hyperplastic growth, and tooth structure anomalies. There is also implant simulation capabilities and pre-loaded libraries ensuring a quality integrated solution. In addition to this INLINE offers on-site training and extended support throughout the life of your equipment.   
A key feature of the GiANO system is the large FOV which is available (11cm x 8cm) enabling you to take a single scan covering the majority of anatomical regions needed for implant surveys and patient studies.
With concerns over radiation safety and dose exposure to both patients and staff, the GiANO is unique in that it utilises SAFEBEAM™ technology, providing peace of mind that the minimum dosage is automatically applied according to each individual patient.

Key Features are:
·         Ability to do OPG, Lat. Ceph and 3D CBCT
·         Large FOV
·         Low Dose
·         Small Footprint
·         High Quality Images
·         Ease of use

Another advantage of the NewTom GiANO is it’s small physical footprint (1.4m x 1.5m) without Ceph arm or (1.8m x 1.5m) with Ceph arm enabling it to be installed in small spaces maximising surgery practice floor space.
Newcastle Xray & Ultrasound recently installed a NewTom GiANO into their practice @ Charlestown, NSW, and Practice Manager, Lynn Sartori said:  "We especially liked the GiANO because of the small footprint, it did not require any more space than our standard OPG machine and it had a number of operating features that made it comfortable for both the patient and the operator. The five collimated fields of view allow us to scan the patient with the lowest possible dose and produce excellent quality images. The software is the best that we have seen and makes the implant planning process a lot faster and is also compatible with most third-party implant systems.  INLINE have been supporting us through the installation and training process and we are very happy with the equipment."
The NewTom GiANO system is available from INLINE Medical & Dental on 1300 033 723 (