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Next generation aligner material: improving control of tooth movement

Supplier: Invisalign
18 February, 2013

Invisalign Australia has announced that SmartTrack, the next generation of Invisalign clear aligner material will be introduced as Invisalign’s standard aligner material for the Australasian market from 4 February, 2013.

SmartTrack is a highly elastic new aligner material that delivers gentle, more constant force to improve control of tooth movements with Invisalign clear aligner treatment.

SmartTrack is a proprietary, custom-engineered material that delivers gentle, more constant force considered ideal for orthodontic tooth movements.

Compared to conventional aligner materials, SmartTrack maintains more constant force over the two weeks that a patient wears the aligners resulting in better tracking. The flexible SmartTrack material also more precisely conforms to tooth morphology, attachments, and interproximal spaces to improve control of tooth movement throughout treatment.

A study* of over 1,000 patients treated with Invisalign aligners made with SmartTrack shows statistically significant improvement in control of tooth movements such as rotations and extrusions (p < 0.001), compared to patients treated with aligners made with the current Invisalign material.

"The clinical results with SmartTrack have been impressive," said Dr Tony Weir, a specialist orthodontist in Brisbane and participant in the SmartTrack pilot study. "The fit of the aligners is seamless and it’s much easier to get the aligners in and out – especially in treatments with long crowns, large undercuts and a lot of attachments."

Dr Eugene Chan, specialist orthodontist in Sydney added; “The precise movements remain uncompromised, yet the material is a lot softer and offers a lower level of initial discomfort for the patient." 

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