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No smoking in the operating room please

Supplier: Walker Filtration
25 June, 2009

No Smoke without Fire

Surgery…the one word that nobody/no-one? wants to hear, one small word that conjures up a whole host of negative connotations- pain, long recovery times, time off from employment to name a few. However, in many instances, surgery is the only answer.

The use of laser and electrocautery equipment to perform laser and electro surgery has become common place in today's hospitals and clinics for many treatments including diathermy, colposcopy and gynaecology. However, concern continues to mount over the potential hazards of smoke and odour plumes that are produced by this type of surgery to medical staff and patients.

Whilst the use of laser equipment provides immeasurable benefits to patients, both medical staff and patients can be at high risk from exposure to surgical smoke. Research studies have confirmed that surgical smoke can contain numerous toxic gases and vapours such as benzene, hydrogen cyanide and carcinogens which are to harmful to those exposed. More worryingly, is that these airborne particles are small enough to penetrate deep within the respiratory tract and if inhaled, can lead to numerous health complications such as hepatitis, carcinoma and HIV.

Walker Filtration Ltd to the rescue!

North East based filtration specialist Walker Filtration Ltd has over twenty five years experience in the design and manufacture of filtration products. Recognising a niche in the medical market for effective smoke evacuation, Walker Filtration Ltd has developed a range of smoke evacuation systems, Laservac™. Laservac™s primary mission is to reduce the risks associated with laser and electrosurgical procedures, and more specifically, to protect medical staff and patients in hospital operating theatres and clinics. The Laservac™ concept uses three stage filtration to ensure removal of all contaminants with each machine having the capability to remove bacteria and viral sized particles down to 0.01 micron, including odours. And that's not all! The Laservac™ system is a totally self contained machine, it's simple to use and is also one of the quietest smoke evacuators on the market!

The Laservac™ system has received critical acclaim within the healthcare arena with testimonials from surgeons currently using Laservac™ products confirming that using a high efficiency smoke evacuation system such as Laservac™ can remove all health concerns. Efficiency in medical procedures has also improved as surgeons can now work for longer periods of time allowing an increased number of patients to be treated each day in a cleaner and safer environment.

The Laservac™ smoke evacuation system is clearly making a difference within the healthcare sector. As stated by Brian Walker, Managing Director of Walker Filtration Ltd, "Surgical smoke is a serious health hazard and concern to both medical staff and patients alike. Walker Filtration has spent over twenty five years researching and developing a highly efficient product to improve operating conditions and also eradicate any concerns that individuals may have regarding the risk associated with surgical smoke. I am very proud of the Laservac™ range and the results that it achieves."

Where can this wonder machine be found?

Walker Filtration Laservac™ smoke evacuation systems are now in use in hospitals and clinics worldwide. For more information or for a trial use of the machine please contact the Walker Filtration Ltd Sales department on 0191 417 7816, email or visit