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Noise-induced hearing loss

Supplier: AudioClinic By: Katarina Smelikova
04 January, 2011

Personal media players and noisy environments could be harmful to our ears.

As part of our everyday lives, many of us listen to loud music through various devices such as personal media players (mp3 players), home and car stereo speakers.

For some of us, a day doesn't go by without exposing our ears to a level of loud music or loud sounds which may harm our hearing and in some cases also cause tinnitus. As well as loud music, exposure to other noisy listening environments in the workplace or noisy recreational activities such as car racing or computer games may expose us to harmful sounds.

Many personal media players don't have volume control indicators. Therefore, we can't really tell what the actual volume level is. An easy way is to crank it up to all the way, then back to halfway.

Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is an increasingly prevalent disorder that can be caused from exposure to loud sounds or noise, especially over a long period of time.

In addition to NIHL, continual exposure to loud sounds is also linked to tinnitus - a ringing in the ears which could be a first sign of damaged hearing.

NIHL may in some cases be permanent condition, and therefore it's important to protect your hearing. For more information about how you can protect your hearing click here.

If you are concerned about your hearing or if you have been exposed to loud sounds you should have your hearing assessed professionally. Click here or call 1800 057 220 to book a FREE consultation.