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Non Sterile Leg Bag | Moveen - 50cm 500ml

Supplier: Surgical House

The Moveen Leg Bag has been designed to be more "elongated" to match the shape of a person's leg. It is made of strong, heat-activated material that becomes soft when in contact with body heat.

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This material is also non-PVC plastic and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

An attractive transparent design on the front of the bag improves discretion whilst the soft, non-woven backing adds comfort. The two-action mechanism to open the Moveen Bag ensures that there will be no leakage of urine should the tap accidently rotate down during normal use.

The Safety-Lock Tap requires two actions to open; first, rotate the lever down (A), then press the lever sideways into the bag (B). To close the tap, simply rotate the lever back upright (C) in one action. When the Safety-Lock Tap is open, the lever rests at a 45 degree angle.

This ensures that urine will not drip onto the leg or clothing and assists in emptying the Moveen Bag. 

Product Code
Bag Leg Moveen 6cm 500ml Sterile
Bag Leg Moveen 6cm 750ml Sterile
Bag Leg Moveen 50cm 350ml Sterile
Bag Leg Moveen 50cm 500ml Sterile
Bag Leg Moveen 50cm 500ml Non Sterile
Bag Leg Moveen 50cm 750ml Non Sterile