Now this is next level!

Supplier: Modsel
08 October, 2019

Taking medical research and healthcare guidelines to new heights, we have developed a radical, high spec mattress design for our stretchers...

We sought an outcome that creates the best of both worlds, providing outstanding durability with the ultimate in patient support and handling for demanding acute environments.

A world class support surface should provide the right levels of immersion to help minimise the risks of harmful and costly pressure injury, deliver the best performance to assist carers in their challenging daily task of moving and positioning patients and stand up to the tough requirements of high patient throughput.

Modsel has risen to the challenge and our new Premia Forte mattress starts with;

  • An endorsed thickness that best aids in patient egress, lowest transfer heights and imaging clarity
  • FIVE carefully considered foam grades layered into a highly effective combination delivering up to an ultimate 300kg therapeutic support load
  • Fully welded ‘double coated’ stretch cover that combats wear, micro damage and moisture penetration and assists in patient re-positioning
  • Low profile fluid proof zip to maintain mattress integrity and still allow for easy foam inspection or cover re-placement
  • Full non-slip base material to limit unwanted movement on the stretcher surface, eliminating the requirement for traditional, bacteria harbouring hook and loop fixings
  • Permanent, stretchable care labels with relevant information to outlast the harshest of medical cleaning and usage
  • Up to 5 years warranty for complete assurance

Our flexible manufacturing system still allows for customised sizing, shapes and thicknesses to ensure you are using the most appropriate mattress that you may need. Whatever your requirements, we’ll work together to ensure you arrive at the best balance of comfort for the patient with manual handling effectiveness and durability to make nursing easier.