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CellWell Ondamed Biofeedback Assessment + Stimulation System is the response of the 21st century that our life functions are primarily controlled by physics. A great benefit to patients.

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CellWell Ondamed pulsed electromagnetic therapy is a Biofeedback Assessment device currently at the fore-front of medical implementation world-wide. In practically all of this research work, CellWell Biofeedback non-harmful assessment has produced absolutely stunning and consistent results.

It is based on the concept of Energy Medicine which recognises that living organisms are actually energy systems, the state of health of which is determined by the condition and flow of the contained energy.

CellWell Ondamed pulsed electromagnetic therapy is taking the international medical world by storm as it is a world leader in its field.

This latest German physics technology is based on real-time reaction of your pulse-rate response to pulsed electromagnetic fields, a sub-conscious communication, which guides the health care professional to make an exact and informed decision using Ondamed Biofeedback Assessment + Stimulation that assists the body to heal itself by scanning and stimulating:

CellWell Ondamed allows you to locate hidden physiological & emotional causes of dysfunctional and weak cells even before symptoms appear.  You don’t need to tell or are asked about your symptoms by your Ondamed practitioner; as the pressure to make decisions based only from your thoughts and practitioner’s experience are removed.  This different communication between the two cannot be controlled nor manipulated, as it is true data embedded within your cellular memory.  As any health issues are discovered, the practitioner will communicate verbally to jog your conscious & sub-conscious memory for additional details. 

CellWell Ondamed can identify already existing pathologies or ones in the process of appearing where there is an alteration in resonance capacity although clinical symptoms still have not appeared.

The guesswork struggle from the client trying to explain their symptoms and that of the practitioner trying to understand is now minimized and real answers of the client’s condition and course of action is clearer.

Unlike any other electro-therapy devices on the market today, our CellWell technology stands on its own due to its intelligence and it cannot be compared to others.  We recommend all of clients to start in CellWell with a Ondamed Biofeedback Assessment + Stimulation. It takes approximately 1 ½ hours, and includes four different scans of you feel nothing but relaxation though your entire body:

Four Modules.

  1. All organs.
  2. 170 possible health conditions,
  3. Micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites, worms, etc.)
  4. Nutrition and supplement deficiencies.

The system produces very low intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields ranging from 0.1 to 32,000 Hz and registers your biofeedback response through the vascular autonomic signal (VAS) in your radial pulse and a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) finger sensor to the system’s computer.  The tissue vibration can enable detoxification of unwanted heavy metals, waste and toxins, potentially resulting in improved metabolic functions. Nutrients, remedies, and even the regiment of physician approved medications can then be assimilated by “cleaner or detoxified tissue and cells. After the full-body scan, we will give you a computer printout results immediately with recommendations together with our almost 20 years of experience for a CellWell Formula to Wellness to balance cells with proper nutrition, supplements, exercise, sleep and increased energy level of your body.  We will be pleased to customize an individual therapeutic program designed to your needs and not address any particular issue, but recognize that your health care is your responsibility and its care must be integrated with all the body in its entirety and not a specific label of an isolated health issue.

Our CellWell Formula also includes nutrition with natural supplements, exercise programs, programs of Pilates, Dance, Massage, Colonics, Yoga and Meditation and many other health educational seminars, improved sleep patterns and general healthcare counseling. The Ondamed Biofeedback Assessment + Stimulation system, provides you with another scientific diagnostic perception (a second opinion) and strategy with solutions to:

  • increase blood and oxygen flow distribution,
  • promote relaxation as evidenced by changes in HRV,
  • provide pain relief of inflammation, infection, scars and any unresolved shocks, trauma or emotional issues,
  • improve cognitive function designed to prevent the onset of decline and/or slow down its effects,
  • it can effectively complement your manual cognitive therapeutics method with PEMF,
  • improve sleep patterns,
  • anti-stress,
  • reduce depression without medication,
  • safe, cannot do harm, no side effects and many other side benefits,
  • adds energy and stamina through natural resonance effects and physiologic coherence.

We are extremely impressed with the Ondamed having its unique capability for Assessment of our client’s health issues, locate dysfunctional cells and then because of the effectiveness to Stimulate appropriate frequencies most needed in those areas. It is real scientific achievement and truly a better way to make you better.  It complements our other natural wellness modalities.  Our clients and doctors which have completed the Biofeedback A + S, including our staff, are astonished by the discoveries of health issues not found in regular examinations and amazed of the results after Stimulation with only a few sessions.

While working so many years with seniors, we found a non-invasive and preferred approach to resolving their normal aches and pains with less surgery and medication, yet compatible and complementary when they must be treated with extreme procedures.    

How we proceed at CellWell:

We urge our clients to complete a full-body scan with the Ondamed Biofeedback Assessment + Stimulation every six months; and when there are health issues already known, then every three months for proper control.

Upon your first visit to CellWell, you may be surprised that we are more concerned with discovering the hidden physiological and emotional cause of your health issues than to know from you of any diagnosis or symptoms that you may have. Don’t tell us anything about yourself; and instead, let our Ondamed Biofeedback Assessment + Stimulation provide you with a more exact and scientific report. Within minutes the Ondamed practitioner locates and identifies dysfunctional or weak cells and immediately focuses pulsed electro-magnetic fields deep into the targeted region of the body in most need of stimulation. These areas of inflammation, infections, scar tissue and emotional trauma residing at a cellular level often prove to be the source of your discomfort, symptoms and any serious health problems. By stimulating the nervous system, electrons and white blood cells are directed to the area in most need and jump-starts the body’s immune functions for the body to heal itself. 

We have over 20 years’ experience using PEMF in our medical-wellness centers in South, Central and North America, have our international headquarters to Miami, Florida where we operate a unique, natural wellness center with the latest technologies and worldwide CellWell International distribution point.

International Distributors of the systems:

Through our international company, CellWell International we are worldwide distributors for CellWell Ondamed and other CellWell Dynamic Energy Wellness System.

CellWell Ondamed is a Medical Device registered with TGA as class 11a.

We offer demonstrations and full training. For more information or a quote please contact us or use the MedicalSearch email for a direct reply.