Organising your walk-in cooler or freezer

Supplier: Commercial Fridge & Freezer Sales
25 September, 2018

Temperature control and organized inventory are food-safety watchwords. Organised inventory can save you money by reducing shrinkage and loss of perishables.

Organized walk-in cool rooms also are easier to navigate, which encourages employees to keep the coolroom tidy. In accordance with health and sanitation practices, raw meat and poultry is kept on lower shelves. Prepared and ready-to-eat foods and salads, cooked meats and ham are stowed on higher racks. Walk-in temperature is kept at 3 degrees Celsius, and foods are to be tagged and dated upon arrival to ensure proper rotation.

Designate separate sections for raw and ready-to-eat foods to minimize risk of cross-contamination. Additionally, do not overload racks, which taxes shelving integrity and impedes air circulation. Be aware of temperature variations inside the walk-in: warmer by the door, cooler in the rear (store meats, fish and dairy products in the cooler back area and produce closer to the front).

Shelves must be no closer than six inches from the floor to ease cleaning under racks, and allow plenty of headroom in the cooler to ensure adequate air circulation for steady temperatures and lower electricity bills.