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Outbound Dialling Solution - Interaction Dialler®

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Outbound campaigns can help a business improve sales, increase customer retention and add to a bureau provider’s revenues.

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By pre-integrating to the Customer Interaction Centre® from Interactive Intelligence, Interaction Dialler gives any organization a dedicated outbound campaign management solution for power and preview as well as predictive dialling.

Interaction Dialler is also a complete system for blended inbound and outbound predictive dialling, Web-based call scripting, multi-site campaign management, comprehensive campaign staging and more.

Campaign management and work scheduling: Easily configure campaigns to target specific groups and times based on goals, complemented by complete database and list management, and automated agent transition from campaign to campaign.

Telemarketing Regulatory Compliance options: No call lists etc. Also track the complete call history for regulatory verification as needed.

Outbound dialling features: Support accurate and complete call analysis, time sensitive dialling, and manual or automated call rescheduling in addition to predictive, power and preview dialling modes.

Agent-focused features: Maximise agent resources with simple and advanced scripting, skills-based routing, call control, call announce, same-agent call-backs, and the ability to support finishing agents and remote agents.

Inbound/ outbound blending: CIC’s inherent ACD and routing features allow multiple inbound and outbound queues to work together to assure proper pacing of outbound calls according to inbound traffic.

Extensive supervisory tools: Pre-integrate the Interaction Supervisor plug in from Interactive Intelligence for specific monitoring views in one real-time interface, including workflow, campaign, agent and system views that provide tabular or graphical presentation and data range alerts. Also listen in on and record agent calls on demand.

Call activity reports: Utilise pre-built reports or create and customize new reports to make sure your call centre is compliant with regulations. Agent utilization reports are graphical, allowing supervisors to quickly identify agents performing outside of their target range.

Multi-modal campaigns: Define a single campaign to send a fax to fax machines, leave a message on voicemail, yet route a live caller to an agent or an IVR script.

Contact policy sets: Control dialling, routing, and much more on a contact-by-contact basis just before or after dialling. Policy Sets allow business logic to decide whether to place a call, dedicate an agent to be available (precise dialling), set call attributes for recording and post-call processing handlers, or send notifications to supervisors.

Benefits of Outbound Dialling Solution - Interaction Dialler®:

With features that are more comprehensive than nearly any other outbound campaign management solution, Interaction Dialler's benefits get right to the point you’d expect them to - your bottom line:

  • Faster return on investment by building efficient and effective campaigns using a pre-integrated solution with powerful campaign controls. Seamlessly integrate call recording, sales verification and other capabilities so your company can realize an ROI in months vs. years.
  • Increased contact success rates, whether your goal is to increase sales, collections or other contact objectives. Interaction Dialler helps you exceed goals with automated workflows, complete call analysis and contact-by-contact dialling control.
  • Improved agent utilisation via campaign staging for more precise dialling. Combine with inbound/ outbound call blending, and increase agent productivity while still focusing on service level goals.
  • A lower total cost of ownership, by configuring business logic in CIC’s single inherent Interaction Administrator® interface to control telephony, agent, queue, campaign, recording, reporting and more.

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