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OutScribe Transcription

OutScribe Transcription Services combines old-fashioned customer service with innovative technological solutions to provide accurate and timely audio and video transcriptions to all sectors.

Our Australian transcription team has extensive medical, legal, academic and general experience, ensuring your transcriptions are produced to the highest standard.

We pride ourselves in providing a unique and sophisticated online WorkSpace for our clients, which is accessible 24/7 to upload files and download transcripts. Our WorkSpace gives clients the ability to track transcription progress, view invoice history, create multiple projects for separate invoicing and access a Repository for completed transcripts - a one-stop shop for all your transcription needs.

Where do your audio files and transcripts end up?

Always ask a transcription provider two questions: where are your servers and do you use overseas transcriptionists? To ensure adherence to Australia's strict privacy legislation our servers are held in Australia and we do not, and never will, outsource work overseas. Once an overseas transcriptionist accesses your audio file it is now outside Australian jurisdiction and extremely vulnerable. We are also proud to support the domestic workforce with a fair rate of pay. In this regard we are unashamedly parochial!

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