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Paragon Care

Melbourne based, Paragon Care (ASX:PGC) has emerged as a distinguished premium provider of equipment to both the acute and aged care market following the successful acquisition and integration of the newly acquired distribution businesses.

Paragon Care has acquired eleven companies over the past seven years, each one being a leading provider of innovative healthcare equipment solutions, devices and consumables in their field. The companies are:
- AxisHealth
- Iona Medical
- Volker Australia
- Rapini
- GM Medical
- LR Instruments
- Richards Medical
- Scanmedics
- Meditron
- Designs For Vision
- Western Biomedical

Paragon Care continues to build its strong representation within the following healthcare markets:
- Hospital & Acute Care
- Aged Care
- Primary Care
- Ophthalmology / Optometry
- Medical Aesthetics
- Materials Handling

These companies are well known in the healthcare industry and now come together as one organisation offering a peerless range of high quality products. The extent of our range positions us to be very active contributors to the planning of major healthcare projects.

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Paragon Care by selective acquistion of key companies have become a leading supplier of world class equipment,furniture, devices and consumables for the Hospital, Aged Care and Primary Care markets. Those key companies are AxisHealth, Iona Medical Products, Volker Australia, Rapini, GM Medical, LR Instruments, Richards Medical, Scanmedics, Meditron, Designs For Vision and Western Biomedical.

Our range of products are sourced internationally and include products from USA, Germany, Netherlands, UK and Asia.

With our our extensive range of products we are well positioned to supply equipment from simple replacement items to complete major projects covering all departments of new facilities. This is supported by our dedicated Service Division that ensures our products are in optimum working condition offering Preventative Maintenance Programs.

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