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Paragon Care

Paragon Care | Equipment, Devices, Consumables for Healthcare

Paragon Care

Paragon Care is an ASX listed Company (PGC) which has progressively acquired businesses in the healthcare sector and emerged as a leading provider of medical equipment, devices and consumables to the healthcare market. Paragon Care continues to build its strong representation within the following healthcare markets:

Aged Care
Hospital and Acute Care
Primary Care
Eye Care
Storage Solutions
Service & Technology Management

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Paragon Care has strategically acquired reputable companies, each one a leading provider of innovative healthcare equipment, devices and consumables. These respected companies are now brands of the Paragon Care Group.

Our range of products are sourced internationally and include products from USA, Germany, Netherlands, UK and Asia.

With our our extensive range of products we are well positioned to supply equipment from simple replacement items to complete major projects covering all departments of new facilities. This is supported by our dedicated Service Division that ensures our products are in optimum working condition offering Preventative Maintenance Programs.

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