Part 2: How to clean your instruments- Sanitech Australia Established 1996

Supplier: Sanitech Australia
20 February, 2020

Part 2 of a part 4 series

There really is an easy way, just visit to view the Sanitech Benchtop Instrument Washer/Disinfector, that will:

  1. Wash More Effectively; that would clear debris from joints and parts etc. where the human hand will not.
  2.  Use Hotter Water; hotter than the human hand can withstand and control this temperature for the required disinfection, i.e.; 80 o c for 10 minutes.( Australian Standards 4187,)
  3. Guarantee Consistency; regardless of the time of day or the pressures in the clinic, the machine will always clean the same way, for the same amount of time without short cuts.
  4.  Reduce Staff Accidents; No longer will staff have to wash and scrub sharp instruments by hand, they could be securely loaded into a tray. Mechanical washing also reduces unnecessary splash and aerosol contamination incidents.
  5. Australian Specially designed racking holds all instruments in the vertical position allowing exposure to greater volumes of water.
  6.  Built to Australian Standard 4187 without the need of additional options to satisfy complianc
  7. Save Staff Time; Freeing up staff to do other functions is an all-important concept.
  8. One Button touch control.
  9.  Cool touch door
  10. . Extremely quiet 37dB

Think about it.

SANITECH range of Surgical Instrument Thermal Washer/Disinfectors makes thorough cleaning an attainable reality. Even most homes in Australia live by their domestic dishwashers. (

Draw A Line In The Sand

Set your clinic apart by using the Sanitech Surgical Instrument Thermal Washer/Disinfector to wash and disinfect you reusable instruments, especially when your association states; you are required to comply with all necessary standards set by the Board of Australia in related to infection control including the reprocessing of instruments under AS/NZS 4187

All practitioners and practice owners should have in place and comply with, an Infection Control Management Plan (ICMP) under the Public Health Act 2005. ICMPs prevent or minimise the risk of infection in relation to the provision of declared health care services.

SANITECH Series 8200 THERMAL INSTRUMENT WASHER DISINFECTOR complies with AS 4187. “ Code of practice for cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising reusable medical and surgical instruments and equipment, and maintenance of associated environments in health care facilities”.

Seat-of-the-pants infection control is for amateurs, not professionals. You can’t compete in today’s technologically enabled world with yesterday’s outdated, tactics or techniques.

Now, you won’t have to guess any more. No more useless time wasting speculation about length of cycle. No longer will staff be able to short-circuit the washing program.

Let me explain just one reason why. Dr. Arnand Deva, a prominent researcher into hepatitis B, has stated “We’ve already shown that if you don’t clean instruments properly there is a 100% chance of transmission of hepatitis B infection.”

Well, no more. SANITECH Series 8200 THERMAL INSTRUMENT WASHER DISINFECTORS’ operating cycle follows a fixed program during which the water is heated to 82 degrees in the disinfecting stage, fully meeting the requirements of at least 80 degrees for ten minutes. The complete cycle consists of a pre rinse, followed by the hot wash with detergent, a hot water rinse cycle at 65 degrees and then the disinfecting cycle at 80 degrees for 10 minutes. Hot water connection is recommended, and a total operating time is 40 - 45 minutes. alternatively if connected to cold water the total time could be extended up to 20 minutes.

The total water consumption is only 10 litres.

By encouraging all practitioners and their staff, to re-evaluate the notion of cleanliness and the use of thermal machines, it can be said that diseases could be more easily contained. Apart from the obvious professional responsibility being exercised, a new dimension of care for your client is added.

You’re probably wondering. There is just so much that is written and printed about sterilisation and infection control these days that it would be easy to become bored or complacent. It seems that everyone has an idea or a barrow to push. However with increasing pressures, expectations, Standards and litigation, we need to heed the important messages.

In our rapidly changing world it is getting harder to separate fact from fiction. Perhaps we should all live smarter not harder, be safer not quicker, and be practical not complicated.

At home, with your time constraints, you simply pay someone else to help you with the housework, gardening, mowing the lawn, washing and ironing, washing the car - even shopping and cooking. We are conditioned to make the best use of our time at home; perhaps it would be smart to condition ourselves to make the best use of our time at work also.

But, what does this mean to you? Your energy is your greatest asset, you have to keep up to date, take courses, think, meet, plan, act, review, set goals, manage money, be nice to people and pursue quality.

You could simply avoid the stress of cleanliness by utilizing a SANITECH Series 8200 BENCHTOP INSTRUMENT THERMAL WASHER/DISINFECTOR.