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Patient Loyalty Program | Pola

Supplier: SDI Limited

Whiter. Brighter. You. for life. is a tool to help you encourage your patients to maintain their whiter smile. It will help you market your dental office and the other services you can provide.

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The program helps you increase patient satisfaction, increase case acceptance and increase referrals. It also helps you decrease no-shows and last minute cancellations. It gives your patients an incentive to regularly come back to your office for maintenance and to be presented with other opportunities to improve their smile and overall oral health.
Whiter. Brighter. You. Whiter. Brighter. You. for life. patient loyalty program.

When a whitening member maintains their hygiene scheduled appointments, they will receive one free touch up whitening syringe from you. Knowing this, the patient has a good incentive to be at their appointment. This agreement, can last up to the lifetime of the patient or dental office.

If the patient fails to maintain their appointment or are considered a “no show”, they can be removed from the program. We recommend you establish a re-enrollment protocol, such as a fee and/or wait period. This further establishes the commitment required and value of the Whiter. Brighter. You. for life. patient loyalty program.

Whiter. Brighter. You. for life. helps you get more patients into your office. This increases your overall business growth.

Marketing Materials Available to Implement Program: 

1. Patient brochures that explain the details of the program

2. Posters promoting the Whiter. Brighter. You. for life. Patient Loyalty Program

3. Whiter. Brighter. You. for life. Patient Loyalty Program Contract

4. Customisable Whiter. Brighter. You. for life.marketing materials available for download at www.sdi.com.au

5. Pola patient website, including a Pola dentist locator: www.polawhite.com

6. Pola pins to start conversations about tooth whitening

7. Pola shade guides which allow you to show the current shade and possible shade after whitening with Pola

8. A range of other tooth whitening marketing materials

Top reason why you should implement a patient loyalty program into your office