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Patient Screening System - Silentia Silver Line

Supplier: Bonn-Meditek

Silentia Silver Line is a patented screening system that was developed to create a more pleasant environment for both patients and staff in hospitals, other care facilities and private clinics.

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The clever folding screen is the foundation of the system, and provides a simple method of screening without closing in.

The screen is placed between beds in hospital rooms to provide privacy when a patient has visitors or is receiving nursing care, or around a washbasin when a patient is washing.

It is also used widely in examination rooms and in intensive care and surgical recovery wards. Silentia Silver Line is a development of the Silentia Screen, which was introduced in 1990 and has been successful in some 30 countries around the world.

The new model is the result of a thorough reassessment, during which the design, construction and quality of most components were modified and improved.

However, the basic idea remains the same as for its predecessor - and the features of the screen include the fact that it is always on hand, lets in daylight and is easy to keep clean.

It also forms part of a complete system that meets all care requirements, in terms of fittings, design adaptability and availability of special solutions, such as the model with built-in X-ray shield.

Silentia Silver Line is a development of the Silentia Screen, which has been highly successful since its launch in 1990. The function is the same, but more than 80% of the component parts have been modified and improved in the new version.


  •  The screen is mounted on the wall so that it is always on hand. It can also be attached to a wall rail system with the aid of a clamp, or on a trolley for mobile use.
  • The screen surface does not trap dust and is easy to clean in position.
  • The gap between the floor and screen facilitates cleaning.
  • The enclosed wheels have a two-way brake and are sprung to accommodate irregularities  in the floor. Hinged joints and rubber-clad wheels ensure smooth and quiet movement. The wheels are easily removed for cleaning.
  • The easy-to-grasp handle has a new, integrated design.
  • The screen has no hanging fittings that could interfere with the operation of ceiling hoists.
  • The screen is available in six different lengths: from 1.25 to 3.75 m. The height is 1.45 or 1.85 m.
  • The low height (1.45 m) is designed to give staff a clea

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