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Peacock Bros and Babywatch join in infant tracking solution

Supplier: Peacock Bros. By: Craig McKenzie - Marketing Manager Peacock Bros. Pty. Ltd
26 May, 2011

Peacock Bros. joined in partnership with Healthcare solutions company Babywatch this month bringing to Australia a ready to deploy Infant Tracking Solution like no other.

Peacock Bros and Babywatch join in world leading infant tracking solution

Peacock Bros. joined in partnership with Healthcare solutions company Babywatch this month bringing to Australia a ready to deploy Infant Tracking Solution like no other.  Peacock Bros. bringing dedicated Healthcare IT solutions resources as well as equipment supply and installation to this innovative infant care solution.

Babywatch was founded and developed by Natasha Oglesby BN, Mmid, one of the most experienced maternity nurses in Australia and the UK personally having personally birthed over 1,000 newborn babies.
Natasha developed the Babywatch system over years of research and addresses the evidence of increasing accounts of wrongfully identified babies within hospitals and infant nursing facility across theworld. Misidentification of infants has resulted critical harm and sometimes death worldwide.
Babywatch is a wristband barcode system that identifies tracks and monitors all actions and procedures involving newborns while under professional care from birth to discharge or transfer to another hospital addressing a serious problem within the Healthcare industry. 
The software component works in conjunction with mobile handheld PDA scanners which together track, verify, monitor and log all actions and procedures involving newborns during their stay under healthcare. This real-time positive identification provides the foundation for infant safety through the systematic prevention of human errors and log of action history and infant / parent identification.
Caregivers can positively identify the infant when removed or returned to the mother and connect anything collected from, administered to or performed on that infant. 
Not only does the system record these actions and consequently charting the information, but Babywatch also eliminates all possibility of human error in the baby identification process. 
The Babywatch solution acts as a “second pair of eyes” ensuring that the correct baby is in fact with the right mother, or the right baby is drinking the right expressed breast milk for example, thus eradicating errors.
In this way Babywatch provides an innovative system that enables hospitals to monitor, evaluate and improve on its current procedures, systems and quality management whilst also addressing the real risk of wrongly identified babies, and providing exceptional and unique benefits for parents, staff and hospitals.
The Peacock Bros. Healthcare Division will be responsible for providing pre and post sales consultancy support, total installation and hardware servicing for installations within Australia and have already received positive and enthusiastic response from the healthcare industry. 
"Peacock Bros. is the perfect fit with the Babywatch solution. My unique solution and Peacock Bros. experience in Healthcare solutions consultancy, equipment and hardware integration along with a history of successful IT solution deployment will mean a fast uptake of Babywatch in Australia," Natasha commented.
Source: Peacock Bros. Pty. Ltd
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