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Phonak Audéo YES – All the sounds of life

Supplier: Phonak Australasia Pty Ltd

Audéo YES accomplishes what no other hearing system can. The smallest wireless hearing instrument in the world provides the solution to a previously unsolved challenge – Audéo YES broadens the hearing range, restoring high frequencies so the full spectrum of sounds is audible for all your clients. In fact, more hearing is just one of its advantages.

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Phonak Audéo YES – All the sounds of life

More Hearing. Brilliant Design. CORE Performance.
Audéo YES combines performance and lifestyle. In other words, it not only looks great – it also works great.

With its beautifully small design, industry benchmark features and full wireless capabilities, Audéo YES will convince all your clients, irrespective of their lifestyles or budgets – even those with severe hearing losses. If you are still wondering whether the smallest wireless external receiver device in the world could boost your business, the answer is Audéo YES.

Can a hearing system offer CORE benefits for all budgets?
The Audéo YES models complete the CORE Collection as the CRT counterparts of Exélia, Versáta and Certéna.

Because financial considerations can play an important role in product selection, Audéo YES is available at three price levels.

While Audéo YES III proves that quality does not have to cost the world, Audéo YES V and IX offer additional benefits and flexibility as mid-range and top-end solutions.

Award-winning design – appealing, discreet and intelligent
Audéo YES is housed in the Audéo case, chosen by consumers as the most appealing. Audéo YES is not only beautiful – it also enhances functionality.

Audéo YES is incredibly small yet still accommodates a long-lasting 312 battery. Moreover, the optimum microphone alignment guarantees maximum directionality benefits.

  • Audéo YES is attractive when shown yet invisible when worn
  • The tiny case and lightweight, transparent wire offer unrivalled comfort and discreetness
  • Best possible intelligibility in noise is achieved by horizontal microphone-positioning