Plasma exchange therapy offers hope to patients with serious illnesses

Supplier: Terumo Australia
25 February, 2014

Autoimmune disorders, inflammatory diseases, certain viral diseases and other conditions that don't have known causes are among the many disorders for which effective therapy is either very difficult or non-existent.

These difficult disorders place tremendous physical and mental stress on patients and their families. To such patients, Terumo BCT, a subsidiary of Terumo, extends hope by offering another type of therapy.

With conditions such as myasthenia gravis, which can confine patients to wheelchairs, apheresis therapy now offers these patients the possibility of walking again.

Terumo BCT supports development of apheresis therapy

In apheresis therapy, the patient's blood is separated into plasma, platelets and leukocytes by a centrifuge. Plasma that contains pathogenic factors is then extracted, and a substitute such as plasma – provided by a blood donation – and the remaining components are transfused to the patient.

Terumo BCT's therapeutic apheresis system extracts plasma with higher efficiency and lower cellular content1. This aims at reducing the burden on the patient during the process.

1Compared to previous Terumo products.