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Polysomnograph (PSG) Recorder | Somté PSG

Supplier: Compumedics Limited

Somté PSG Sleep Study Recorder is the simplest and most convenient way to meet requirements for full PSG absolutely anywhere.

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Full PSG for in-lab convenience

  • Attended in-lab recordings of the full complement of PSG signals using recommended technology.
  • Maximum patient freedom and comfort - The patient is not tethered to any bedside unit or computer, instead data is transferred via Bluetooth   wireless transmission from the patient worn unit to the bedside station.
  • Do everything you can usually do with an in-lab study – monitor patient data, record synchronized digital video, add annotation, run automatic or manual on-line data analysis. Technical reports can be ready just minutes after the recording ends.
  • The bedside station^ provides Ethernet connectivity for remote LAN/WAN/Internet viewing and acquisition.
  • The bedside station^ allows up to 8 external DC inputs for other channel capabilities such as pH or capnography.
  • Full PSG for ambulatory recording

Technical Specifications:

Available Channels

• 2 x EEG
• 2 x EOG
• ECG – with Thoracic Impedance option
• EXG – user selectable as ECG, EEG, EMG or  EOG
• Airflow from Pressure transducer
• Snore
• Pressure (for CPAP/ Bilevel)
• Thoracic RIP band
• Abdominal RIP band
• Limb
• Position
• Oximeter provides SpO2, Pulse Rate, Plethysmography waveform and Oximeter probe status
• Aux selectable as thermistor, external position sensor, Aux AC or Aux DC


• 205gm (7.2 ounces) (excluding batteries)
• Recorder Size: Width113mm x Height 65mm x Depth 30mm (including belt clip), (4.4 x 2.5 x 1.2 inches)
• Patient Input Box: Width 53mm x Height 133mm x Depth 25mm (including belt clip), (2.1 x 5.2 x 1 inches)

Flexible Signal Options

• Use a cannula and pressure transducer and/or thermistor to record airflow
• Use Inductive Plethysmography or thoracic impedance technology to record respiratory effort
• Use position sensor integrated into headbox or an external position sensor if preferred

Sampling Rate

• 1-256Hz

Wireless Technology

• Uses Bluetooth Wireless technology (Class 2) for patient comfort
• Up to 20m range from bedside station to patient - dependent on environment


2 x AA alkaline or NiMH batteries

Recording Time

Up to 24 hours of recording

Event Button

Any button press during recording is recorded as an event

Electrode/Sensor status

Electrode/sensor status indicator before and during recording as well as at review

Software Options

•     Data Card Manager allows selection of options, pre-set start and stop recording times, set up patient information
•     PSG Online for monitoring attended studies via Bluetooth. Not required for unattended studies
•     ProFusion PSG for data analysis
•     Digital Video can be used with PSG Online
•     neXus Lab Manager for data and workflow management.