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Preventing Healthcare-Aquired Infections via Reusable Barrier Fabrics

Supplier: Clean Room Garments
12 April, 2013

Preventing healthcare-aquired infections takes a coordinated effort from everyone. CRG have been assisting organisations in their contamination and infection control for over 40 years.

The benefits of using Reusable Barrier Fabrics far outweigh the use of single use and green linen. All CRG barrier fabric items are compliant to EN13795: Surgical drapes, gowns and wraps used as medical devices for patents, clinical staff and equipment.

RBF is a micro fibre which is woven very tightly to prevent fluid molecules from passing through the fabric. It can be washed up to 100 times without affecting the impervious barrier. RBF allows air to move through the fabric making it breathable and comfortable to wear. Medical gowns manufactured from RBF have an inherent barrier to fluid providing protection in the critical areas eg sleeves and front of gown.

RBF drapes are designed with a double ply barrier fabric and an absorbent panel around the fenestration area. This allows fluid to be absorbed into the absorbent panel but not through the barrier fabric.