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Pride Polyworks

Polyworks is a leading manufacturer in the aged care and hospital medical furniture industry.
Polyworks has been operating on the Gold Coast for the past ten years supplying all major organisations, hospitals, nursing homes throughout Australia.

Polyworks has a water proofing membrane which we call polyergic. We spray foam that completely seals the item, there are no seams that can deteriorate or start to come apart.

With this membrane we spray rehabilitation seats for crippled children and also use it for our own shower chairs seats backrest and mattresses.

Polyworks has been working with Queensland Rail for the past six years designing intercar bellows for the great south pacific express train, which we also spray with our polyergic membrane.

Polyergic also gets used on cushions for the marine industry and dinning seats.

Polyworks has an outstanding team of people that really care about all of our clients needs, which shows in the quality of our work and professional approach that we give to all our customers.

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Polyworks personnel can do any repairs and services that you require on request if they are within local area.

Customers not in local area will have parts posted out with instructions given to their maintenance person or persons doing repairs.

All Polyworks products follow the guide lines of Australian standards and work health and safety regulations.

Polyworks can make any special item that you may require to suit your establishment and needs.

Polyworks has distributors throughout Australia but allows that any customer can order direct if they wish to.

Polyworks uses furniture removals for the long distance travelling to ensure that the product arrives to the customer in excellent work condition.

Polyworks aims to have the product despatched within ten working days of receipt of order to ensure that the customer receives the goods quickly and efficiently.

Polyworks products come with a 12 month guarantee from date of invoice.

However, this guarantee will not apply should the product fail due to unreasonable or abusive use, stains on upholstery as a consequence of contact with chemicals or medicines, accidental damage including fire, or if the customer fails to provide normal care and maintenance.

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