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Printacall Communications Technology

Printacall Communications Technology is a specialist organisation supplying products for use by Deaf, hearing impaired and speech impaired people.

Printacall is also a specialist in the design and installation of audio loop systems (hearing augmentation systems) which may be installed in the home, office or in a public venue enabling a person wearing a hearing aid with a T Switch to receive sound direct from the audio loop system.

Printacall sell a range of products including TTYs, alerts and alarms to assist Deaf people to use the telephone and become aware of sounds that assist hearing impaired people, with or without a hearing aid, to hear the telephone, television, radio or conversation in restaurants, church or conference room.

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Printacall is the Australian distributor and service organisation for Ultratec TTYs (Text-Telephone).

Printacall service and repair TTYs' and other assistive devices at its Denistone East technical workshop and have an Australia-wide net work of retailers and repairers.

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