Programmable Pressure Management System

Supplier: Smart Tech
21 May, 2013

When patients’ health,energy and happiness are paramount

Existing pressure ulcers heal much faster and new wounds are eliminated. Patients experience much less pain and are no longer stressed about developing new ulcers whilst under hospital care.

The mental and physical well being of patients is improved as manhandling by carers is dramatically reduced. Carers can dedicate their precious time to delivering more valuable care and improving the quality of life of patients. Carers are no longer exposed to the high risk of injury as manages the needs of the patient.

The SmartCare Programmable Pressure Management System is a new level of patient care.

The overall cost of treating pressure ulcers on patients is significantly reduced, both in terms of medical treatment and patient care

“Of equal value to the organisation is the reduction in manual handling and therefore the time and energy required to care for this (patient). This benefit is measurable and cannot be understated.” Sue –Chief Executive Officer / Director of Nursing

  • A lower cost outlay
  • A bed that pays for itself quickly
  • A bed that exceeds expectations
  • A method of improving the quality of a patient’s life
  • A reduction in injuries experienced by carers
  • No more painful and undesirable pressure ulcers
  • An extremely cost effective clinical pressure management system

Demonstrations of the Smart Care Programmable Pressure Management System is the best way of appreciating its simple operation and effectiveness. To make further enquiries or arrange a demonstration, please call or email us today