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Supplier: Red Eye Australasia
16 November, 2011

There's practically no limit to what you can build with RedEye.

Produce large parts and subassemblies with real production-grade thermoplastics.

Decrease your production time from 12 weeks to 10 days. Cut costs by thousands.

Those using digital manufacturing services as a bridge to tooling are realizing significant time and cost savings.

For example: While implementing two tooling changes, a major automotive manufacturer decreased production from 12 weeks (for each tool) to just 10 days by eliminating traditional machining. They also decreased the cost of pre and initial production from $250,000 to just $15,000.
Get your products to market faster and create additional revenue and market share. The overall impact to their production schedule was realized when they were able to get their product to market twice as fast as with traditional manufacturing processes. 

Digital manufacturing is most appropriate for parts produced in quantities of less than 3,000 per year.

Because we use real thermoplastics, your plastic parts will be durable enough for end-use.