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Providing solutions during MND Awareness Day

Supplier: Tunstall Healthcare
22 June, 2010

Tunstall Healthcare provide solutions for independence, to ensure that those living with MND receive as much support as possible.

June 21 was MND Awareness Day, a day dedicated to increasing awareness about motor neuron disease, a condition that affects the nerve cells controlling the muscles that enable speech, swallowing and breathing.

With the health of people living with MND often deteriorating very rapidly, it is important to provide as much assistance and support for them and their carers as possible.

Tunstall Healthcare, the world's leading provider of assistive technology provides solutions for independence to ensure that all parties can live with as much support as possible, particularly people who choose to continue living in their own home.

Tunstall's Bellman & Symfon solutions allow carers to move freely around the home, knowing that the person they care for can quickly and easily get their attention.

The Bellman & Symfon pager is worn by the carer at all times and features various vibrations and coloured LEDs to notify the wearer which assistive device has been activated by the resident.

This may be a pendant that the resident wears at all times, a bed/chair occupancy sensor that alerts when they get out of bed /chair or a fall detector that senses if they fall.

People living with MND can also benefit from Tunstall's personal alarm that puts them in immediate contact with a 24 hour response centre.

The personal alarm can be used by the resident when the carer is offsite, with the response centre organising the necessary assistance, such as an ambulance to be called, after hours GP to be organised and carer to be notified.

While onsite, carers are also welcome to use the personal alarm to summons help or assistance. 

The response centre can make the necessary arrangements and liaise with the ambulance while the carer stays with and calms the resident.

Tunstall Healthcare can provide custom solutions to suit the changing health requirements of someone living with MND.

To find out more about Tunstall Healthcare visit www.tunstallhealthcare.com.au. To speak to someone about a solution for MND call 1300 760 333.

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