Pulmonary function testing with the new OMNIA 1.2

Supplier: Cosmed Asia-Pacific
13 March, 2014

COSMED is glad to present the new 1.2 version of OMNIA, the powerful diagnostic software platform from COSMED.

The new 1.2 release is available starting from February 15th 2014. OMNIA 1.2 covers 3 brand new modules (TGV, DLCO, 6MWT) together with a wide range of important improvements and some minor bug fixes of the previous version.

OMNIA 1.2 is now compatible with the following products:

  • Pony FX (all models - < 2013020001 with dongle)
  • Spiropalm (all models - < 2013040001 with dongle)
  • microQuark (USB version only - < 2013040001 with dongle)
  • Quark Spiro (all models - from S/N 2007110010 )
  • Quark PFT (all models 2007 version - from S/N 2007060001)
  • Q-Box (all models - from S/N 2012010001)

The new upgrade is free of charge for all OMNIA 1.x users and for those who have purchased Quark PFT, Quark Spiro, Spiropalm 6MWT after October 1st 2013 (proof of purchase required).