QuickClot® technology saves lives on the battlefields of Iraq

Supplier: Midmed
27 November, 2008

From the battlefields of Iraq comes technology that can save lives right here at home. QuikClot® 1st ResponseTM Advanced Clotting Sponge stops bleeding almost instantly. Even on a severed femoral artery and vein.*

New Cooler Formula!
QuikClot 1st Response is the same proven technology developed for the military,
re-engineered to help save lives for first responders.

Including a new, improved formula that keeps cooler even when everything around you is heating up.

1st Response is the perfect choice to help stop bleeding when time is critical. Just rip open the envelope and pack the self-contained sponge into the wound.

For larger wounds use additional sponges. Apply pressure and bleeding stops almost on contact.

Read what first responders around the country are saying about the life-saving QuikClot technology:

“Patient was bleeding uncontrollably from her dialysis port. Direct pressure and
elevation/pressure point would not stop the bleeding. QuikClot was used and it did
a very good job in bringing the bleeding under control.” EMT-P, Ohio

“He severed an artery and we could not stop the bleeding with pressure...placed
the QuikClot on the wound...the bleeding slowed enough that we could control the
bleeding with pressure and start fluid loss replacement. This product works great.”
Firefighter/Medic, Ohio

“There was arterial bleeding from the injury site. Direct pressure was immediately
applied while other officers retrieved the QuikClot. I applied the QuikClot to the
patient’s injury and direct pressure was applied...after approximately 1 minute, I removed the 4x4s to see progress of the treatment. No visible bleeding was
present.” Patrolman/EMT-B

Some of the advantages of QuickClot:

- Stops bleeding fast
- Comes with a new cooler formula
- It has battlefield-proven technology
- Easy to apply
- Fast, clean removal in post trauma
- Each box contains five individually packaged 25 gram hemostatic sponges

*May require multiple sponges. Testing by the U.S. Office of Naval Research.
* “QuikClot” is a registered trademark and “QuikClot 1st Response” is a trademark of Z-Medica Corporation.