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Radiation Protection Urology Apron

Supplier: RadSafe

This Urology Apron is made specifically for urological procedures, Radsafe’s Urology Apron provides comfort and protection.

Price Guide (Inc GST): AUD $590

The RadSafe Urology Apron is a front apron designed to allow maximum comfort and protection while in a seated position. The three-flap design makes it perfect during urological procedures.

Features and Benefits

  • Flap design for comfort and protection while in a seated position
  • Three thyroid collar options ranging from New Style, Old Style and Mandarin
  • Cross over elasticised back to minimise strain and fatigue
  • Made from high-quality, durable materials.
  • Over 100 fabrics and patterns to choose from.
  • Comes with a choice of three Thyroid Collars; Old Style, New Style and Mandarin Style
  • Embroidery is no extra charge 
  • Your choice of Lightweight Lead or Non-Lead
  • 8 different sizes to fit any body size.
  • Free shipping Australia wide when purchased online.


Why choose Radsafe?

  1. Superior Cut: Our designer's have refined the cut and fit of RadSafe garments and ongoing efforts to improve the design of our products is based on the local feedback we receive from our customers. RadSafe garments offer advanced comfort and ergonomic design features that really count towards optimising the wearer’s quality of working life. Australian-made RadSafe products provide optimal comfort without compromising protection.

  2. Superior Build: RadSafe’s implicit commitment to ongoing design refinements over time has resulted in advanced structural design enhancements which improve and optimise the product’s protective integrity and functionality. Reinforced hanger loops and stitching, and more durable fabrics are just a few  examples of how RadSafe products deliver extended service life outcomes while simultaneously maintaining compliance and performance standards you can rely on.

  3. Built In Functionality: All RadSafe aprons include inbuilt RadTrack unique identification codes along with 3d bar-codes. This advanced scanning and tracking technology allows RadSafe product fleet management. This means at any given moment the assigned department, style, colour, age, size and service history of your RadSafe radiation protection apparel can be reviewed. This makes life cycle management, asset management and fleet planning easily managed.

  4. Tough Where It Counts: RadSafe aprons are utilised in arduous working conditions over long work periods, day in and day out almost 365 days a year. They are required to meet both public and private hospital as well as private practice environments. Our products are built to last by specifically addressing the notorious issues which commonly arise. Areas which are prone to tears and accumulating residual contamination are either reinforced or minimised as
    far as possible. RadSafe apparel really are tough where it counts.

  5. Independently Tested (RadLab): Competing distributors, manufacturers, and marketers the world over, with the exception of RadSafe, rely on one-off test results taken on non-production samples. This means, no ongoing random independent testing is being undertaken of the product and the sample used initially is often unique and not representative of typical production runs. RadSafe products are randomly tested by Dr. John Laban, an eminent, well respected, and credentialed radiation physicist.

  6. Reduced Lead Time: With local production we now have the ability to produce customised aprons and repair existing apparel with shorter lead times saving time and money.

  7. Supporting Australian Made: By choosing RadSafe you are also supporting Australian workers and business as RadSafe aprons are manufactured locally.

  8. Free Disposal: Our End of Life Cycle Disposal service is offered at no charge when replacing with a new RadSafe Product.

  9. In Service, Training and Support: Training presentations are given to support and educate staff about the dangers of radiation and how best to mitigate the risks involved in such

  10. Industry Leading Warranty: Industry leading 2 Year Warranty for manufacturing defects.


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