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Refrigerator choices for temperature sensitive products storage

Supplier: Rollex Medical
12 September, 2011

Available on the market today there are a number of choices as to how temperature sensitive product can be stored.

Historically the most common method has been the use of a domestic refrigerator or in some cases drink display cabinets.

However, repeated research has shown over the years that domestic and converted drinks fridges are not suited to this critical task as they are primarily designed for the storage of food and drink (obviously) and usually feature a number of temperature zones to meet the requirements of the storage of the differing styles of food within the fridge.

These types of refrigerators are simply not designed to meet the special temperature needs of the storage of modern day vaccines, insulin’s and other temperature sensitive product.

It is certainly possible to store product in some of these refrigerators, but a significant set of guidelines must be followed and the practical end result is usually far from satisfactory e.g. temperature sensitive medications must only be stored on the middle and upper shelves or lower shelves depending where the ice compartment might be located, to avoid freezing.

In most cases the potential user, once the many benefits of a purpose built unit are explained, will see the logic in changing to a refrigeration system specifically designed to meet the Quality Care requirements of temperature sensitive products.

Apart from the cost versus maximum space utilisation the moral requirement of professional care and responsibility simple outweighs going the "cheap" alternative.