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Rehydrating Surgical Gloves - Gammex® PF HydraSoft®

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Revolutionary new HydraSoft® technology from Ansell is designed to retain moisture and rehydrate your skin, despite the negative effects of continual glove-wearing and frequent contact with severe anti-bacterials. HydraSoft® helps keep your skin moist, supple and fulfilling its natural barrier function.

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HydraSoft® technology from Ansell actively retains moisture and rehydrates the skin during use. The odourless inner-coating made with HydraSoft® technology contains a skin-friendly humectant moisturiser that penetrates into the stratum corneum, where it attracts and retains water.

The coating also contains Dimethicone, which forms a protective barrier that blocks attacks from foreign substances and prevents the skin from drying out. The result is a soft, smooth and moisturised skin.

HydraSoft® is gentle to sensitive skin, yet provides robust protection against drying or cracking.

Features and Benefits

Easy donning and removal

Donning and removal of the gloves is fast and easy, even with damp hands, due to the inherent moisturising effect of the inner coating with integrated HydraSoft® technology.

The result? Rapid and trouble-free changes between operative procedures. Tests also showed improved double-gloving properties thanks to the moisturising properties of HydraSoft®.

Soft and comfortable in use

Ansell has paid great attention to the design and manufacturing of the glove in order to ensure a close yet comfortable fit for your hands. This relaxed, natural fit is aided by the use of special formers during the manufacturing process, an optimum thumb location and a larger thumb ball, all of which help to minimise hand fatigue.

HydraSoft® technology also gives a softer feel to the glove, meaning greater comfort for you.

An adhesive band at the top of a straight cuff also provides the glove with a secure hold on the surgical gown. This design, unique to Ansell, relieves pressure from the forearm while operating.

Safe for patient and surgeon

The Gammex® PF HydraSoft® surgical glove builds on the established reputation of the Gammex® PF glove to offer a high-strength barrier to infection with great tear resistance.

It provides an effective shield against viral penetration, as verified by extensive bacteriophage testing.The inner coating is tough enough to withstand alcohol-based disinfectants during even the lengthiest theatre procedures.

Low allergenicity

The glove’s synthetic inner coating acts as a barrier against potential latex allergens.

A very low protein content is due to lengthy leaching processes and post-production washing cycles during manufacture. The glove’s formulation also has reduced chemical residues and is free of thiurams and MTB (mercaptobenzothiazoles).

Secure grip and handling

Gammex® PF HydraSoft® features a micro-roughened outer surface that provides a good grip on your instruments, whether operating conditions are wet or dry.

This optimal grip is achieved by closely controlled dosage in the final chlorination stage during manufacture, as well as online friction tests that continuously monitor grip values during and after processing.

High sensitivity and good feedback

The glove provides very high material elasticity and flexibility, ensuring you have the tactile feedback you need to adequately judge the pressure you apply.Thinner latex at the palm and fingers enhances the glove’s sensitivity.

Produced to strict quality controls

Gammex® PF HydraSoft® surgical gloves are manufactured according to strict quality controls. Close monitoring of pyrogen and endotoxin levels (biocompatibility test as per ISO 10993) during manufacture provides additional protection for the patient.

In addition, HPLC and Modified Lowry methods are used to measure protein content, while AQL inspection procedures include a final release 1.5 for pinholes (GI) water leak test, and an 0.065 for pinholes (GIII) air leak test prior to final packaging. Finally, lot numbers are used to aid shelf identification and provide links to manufacturing data