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Remote Alarm with Rechargeable Battery | INVISA-BEAM®


INVISA-BEAM INTERNATIONAL offers a range of alarms, such as the INVISA-BEAMĀ® Remote Alarm with Rechargeable Battery.

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INVISA-BEAM® Remote Alarm with Rechargeable Battery


Location - Generally at the nurse-call station
Transmission range – Approximately 100m
Audible Alarm - A distinctive Hi-Low audible alarm alerts the carer
Visual Indicator - The red light flashes when the alarm is activated

To charge the Remote Alarm

The remote alarm is powered from an internal rechargeable battery. Before using the remote alarm for the first time, the battery must be connected to the battery terminal, as shown Fig. 2 above.

Use 12VDC regulated power supply provided. Do not use any other power supply!

Charging Port - Located on front right hand side of Remote Alarm, Fig. 1

  • To charge battery - plug power supply into power point
  • Connect power supply to charging port
  • Switch power supply on at the power point

Charging Battery – approximately 6 hours

  • The red LED on the remote alarm, Fig. 1, flashes red while charging. It glows red when charged.
  • Re-charge battery daily

Programming Remote Alarm to an INVISA-BEAM® Monitor – Fig. 2

  • Remove the battery cover to expose sunken Program Button.
  • Switch the INVISA-BEAM® Monitor on. Do not break the beam.
  • Hold the Program Button down for approximately 2 seconds. The alarm will sound. It is dedicated to that monitor.

Programming Remote Alarm to another INVISA-BEAM® Monitor

  • Switch the original INVISA-BEAM® Monitor off
  • Repeat the procedure above

Note: The remote alarm can only be transferred to other INVISA-BEAM® Monitors fitted with a
transmitter. Check serial number of monitor ends with "T". This indicates a transmitter.

Warning: Do not drop or immerse in liquid