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Reusable Laryngeal Mask | Mercury

Supplier: RAPP Australia

LMA stands for Laryngeal Mask and it was historically used in the operating room setting however, the LMA has more recently come into use in the emergency setting as an important device for assisting in the management of a difficult airway.

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It enables the user to channel and administer anaesthesia gas or oxygen into a patient's lungs. It is inserted blindly into the pharynx, forming a low-pressure seal around the laryngeal inlet and permitting gentle positive pressure ventilation.

It consists of an inflatable silicone mask and rubber connecting tube. All parts are latex-free.

There are two different types of LMAs:

  • Reusable
  • Disposable

In these types the Reusable only has two different versions. They are:

  • air-Q® LMA Reusable
  • air-Q® Self-Pressurising (sp) LMA Reusable

air-Q® Masked Laryngeal Airways Reusable 0.5 – 4.5

The air-Q® should be used routinely as a classic passive airway. It is user-friendly, placement in patients is easy and air movement is outstanding and it provides up to 60 cost-effective uses!

It has the added benefit of allowing for intubation using standard ET Tubes, in addition to delivering oxygen and/or gas to the patient.

air-Q® sp Masked Laryngeal Airways Reusable 0.5 – 4.5

The NEW and ONLY Reusable Self-Pressurising everyday Airway designed to facilitate intubation.
7 sizes available.

Now get up to 60 uses!

With the NEW patented SELF-PRESSURISING Reusable Air-Q sp, there is no need to inflate the mask... it self-pressurises to the proved inflation pressure automatically during Positive Pressure Ventilation.

Both Reusable LMAs come in these sizes: 0.5 (< 4 kg), 1.0 (< 7 kg), 1.5 (7 – 17 kg), 2.0 (17 – 30 kg), 2.5(30 – 50 kg), 3.5 (50 – 70kg) and 4.5 (70 - 100 kg).