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ScanALERT System Diagram

Supplier: Alert Call Systems (NSW) Pty Ltd

The ScanALERT Digital Call System is a modular hardwired Nurse Call System that can be easily expanded at any time simply by connecting in the required module. There are no restrictions on the number or type of devices that can be used. The system is wired using a six core shielded data cable. The standard wiring pattern is a star pattern radiating from a cable junction. All devices can be connected in any format, star pattern or loop in loop out.

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ScanALERT System Diagram

The ScanALERT Nurse Call System is a state-of-the-art digital system offering advanced features and system design. It is Australian designed and manufactured with readily available spare parts and on-site service support.

ScanALERT uses Digital readout displays to identify the origin of each call. When a patient presses a CALL button a programmed message is displayed on the Digital Display Panels in corridors & the nurses station, and an inbuilt buzzer sounds to alert staff that a call has been made.

The system has inbuilt call priority, each Call Point can be easily configured to be a standard Nurse call or a Nurse Assist call. Nurse Assist calls have priority on the system and when activated sound an urgent call tone on the Display Panels to alert staff. If more than one call is active at the same time the programmed messages are displayed in sequence on the Digital Display Panels until they are cancelled.

The system can store and display up to 20 simultaneous calls. A Nurse Assist call will take priority on the Display Panels, with non-priority calls masked until the Nurse Assist call is reset. The system then returns to normal operation.

All Call Points have a red LED reassurance indicator that glows when the CALL button has been pressed. This LED stays on until the Nurse attends to the call and resets the call by pressing the CANCEL button. Calls can only be reset at the Call Point they originated from.

Each time a CALL button is pressed the audible buzzers in the Display Panels will sound to alert staff. The system includes a self test feature whereby all Call Points on the system are continuously scanned, and any faults are immediately reported.

A large variety of Call Points, Overdoor Lights, Buzzers and Display Panels are available to customize the system to suit individual requirements.

The range of equipment is summarized below:

  • Call Points designed for Bed locations with Pendant Cords and Nurse Assist function;
  • Call Points for Lounge rooms, Toilets and Activity rooms;
  • Splashproof Call Points for wet areas, including ceiling pull cords;
  • Door Security Alarm Points, with option of key switch control;
  • Digital Display Panels :
    • 3 and 6 Character format, either single or double sided;
    • also multi- coloured 18 digit Display Panels;
  • Overdoor Lights with single, dual or triple LEDs;
  • Audible Buzzers with simple buzz, beep or chime sounds.

 Optional enhancements to the Digital System operation:

Alphanumeric Pocket Paging
Pocket Paging systems are available either as a low cost add on paging module, or a full featured Computer console, including on-site and area wide pagers.

ALERT Tracker for Printout of all activity on the System
The simple way to keep a permanent record of Call Point activation and reset, complete with time and date stamping.

NurseALERT Radio Transmitter Call Points
A variety of portable and wall mounted Radio Transmitter Call Points to cater for a single user or a complete section.

WanderALERT Wandering Patient Alarms
To cater for wandering patients, a reliable addition to an existing system, including Under bed Detectors for frail patients.

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